3 Reasons to Add a Water Feature in 2016

water feature

There’s something so calming and serene about water. People who have water-view homes will tell you; it’s one of the things that they look forward to every morning!

But you don’t have to live right on the waterline to enjoy the tranquility and centeredness that comes with water. Our rockery company has been helping homeowners create and maintain water fixtures in 2016.

If you’re unfamiliar with all of the benefits that come along with a luxurious water feature, we’re here to help illuminate the subject for you. This has become of particular interest within the last couple years, and especially in 2016, as the housing market continues to flourish. Our Seattle rockery has years of expertise in installing water features that can enhance the appearance of a new home, as well as increase the value of property for sale!

Improves Property Appearance and Value

Just as rockeries or retaining walls in Seattle serve to add an extra dimension to a property, water features can create a wonderful sense of balance and cohesion to a yard.

Whether it be a pond, a small waterfall, or a trickling stream running around your patio, water is a fantastic point of interest for any property. Rockery builders are creative experts, capable of developing a back or front yard water solution that fits the unique style of your property.

Family, neighbors, or even prospective buyers for your home will find enchantment in a yard that has a tasteful water feature. Our Seattle rockery is full of ideas for water features that could help enhance the appearance of your property.

Relaxation and Noise Reduction

A home should be a haven, safe from any and all outside intrusion. This chiefly includes noise, which can serve to be uncomfortable even in small doses.

Water features have become more popular as populations have grown and streets are more bustling. Like the stones of retaining walls and rockeries in general, water features have a noise-masking effect and can curb the chronic buzz of your neighborhood.

This adds an extra layer of serenity for those looking to enjoy a backyard picnic, lay in the hammock, or just find a quick retreat from the sounds of lawnmowers, construction, or revving engines. Listening to a babbling brook or gentle waterfall is vastly more pleasant.

Use Space and Recenter with Nature

Retaining rockeries and water features are creative uses of otherwise empty space in a yard. It’s aesthetically pleasing to have a good balance of foliage and rockeries, as opposed to lawn as far as the eye can see.

Investing in a water feature for your yard not only helps make clever, effective use of the yard’s space, but can also provide an invitation to realign with nature. As human beings, we have a natural kinship with water. The sound, the flow, the look all resonate with a neglected longing for a simpler time before skyscrapers and interstate traffic.

One of the most exciting parts of our installations as a Seattle rockery company is helping our customers have a greater sense of connectedness with their yard, and with nature as a result. Water features help to bring a more natural feel to your yard.

Love your Yard!

Whether you’re looking to add more value to your property, pursue a new landscaping hobby, or just create something for you and your whole family to enjoy, water features are your go-to choice for 2016.

Our Seattle rockery company can help you take your vision and bring it to life! Contact us today to talk about how we can make your dream yard into reality.

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