7 Reasons Why Homeowners Built Water Features in 2016

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With spring upon us and summer on the way, many homeowners are making plans to spruce up their yard and gardens. They are mowing the lawn, pruning the trees, and spreading fresh bark in the flowerbeds. For some, their yard renovation included the one thing that adds more character and beauty than any amount of new bark: a water feature.

Water features may seem like a big project, but more and more Northwest homeowners are starting to invest in the best garden addition out there. At B&D Rockeries, we understand the value of a quality Seattle water feature. We realize just how much they can improve a property, and we have experience with a wide variety of styles and installation methods. To give you an idea of what they have to offer, here’s a list of reasons why homeowners are installing beautiful water features this year:

1. Water Features Add Character

There’s a time and a place for minimal landscape design. However, when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your yard or garden, you really can’t beat the sparkling presence of a water feature. The rockery will add texture, and the water will reflect the sun and attract adorable wildlife. A fountain or another feature will act as a centerpiece to the space, allowing you to structure your landscaping around it, which adds to the continuity of your entire property.

2. They Create a Unique Style

Your personal taste in landscaping matters. Through a professional rockery company, you can create a style that fits your vision for your yard or garden. Whether you’re looking for a classic fountain centerpiece or a natural-looking pond, water features let you craft the garden of your dreams. Also, your choice in a water feature can be designed to match your taste in plant life, which will likely surround the fixture or pond.

water feature 3. They Aren’t Difficult to Maintain

With hundreds of online resources and owner guides at your fingertips, water feature maintenance is easier than ever. Many homeowners are investing in fountains and ponds now, in the spring, so that they have plenty of time to understand different care techniques before winter arrives. And in most cases, water preparation consists of a simple heater or tarp.

4. They Create a Space for Wildlife

With a water feature, you can have beautiful fish and visiting birds constantly in your backyard. Water is life, as the old adage goes, and a garden fountain or pond is no exception. Just be sure to follow recommended care guidelines for any pet fish. Nobody wants dirty water and unhealthy (or lifeless) goldfish.

5. They Provide Relief in the Summer

If you install a water feature during the spring, you will enjoy the benefits of a cool, refreshing, sparkling centerpiece all summer. There’s nothing worse than a blistering August day with no way of cooling off. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you join the birds and go for a dip in your garden fountain, but the very presence of flowing water will cool down your yard and help you relax.

6. They Sound Relaxing and Meditative

Speaking of relaxing, water features — specifically those with flowing water, like fountains — provide a peaceful environment through sound. The chuckle of gentle water in the morning is a meditative sound you can’t find anywhere else. Bring the sounds of a mountain spring to your own backyard.

7. They Are a Great Centerpiece for Outdoor Parties

Finally, water features are the perfect centerpiece to any outdoor party you have this summer. Picture it now—friends and family gathered on the patio, eating grilled food, and thoroughly enjoying your brand new pond or fountain. It will be something you can be proud of, as well as something that you know will continue to add beauty and value to your home.

For more information on water features and how you can get one for your own yard, contact B&D Rockeries today. Our rockery experts will work closely with you to design a water feature that will complement your garden design and vision. Call (866) 756-6789 or fill out our contact form to start the process today.

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