Choosing Your Retaining Wall Materials


Retaining walls don’t just materialize out of thin air. They take planning, preparation, execution, and lots of decisions. Thankfully for you, we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to your retaining walls, but we do need your input as well. When it comes to choosing the style, materials, and size of the retaining wall, much […]

Designing Your Seattle Home Water Feature


One of the most beautiful additions to your lawn area will be a water feature. Because of this, water features are one of our favorite landscaping projects. We can create them in the form of a pond, a fountain, or a waterfall. Water features, especially waterfalls and fountains, not only provide beauty for the eyes, […]

Which Style of Retaining Wall Best Fits You?


As retaining wall experts, we’ve built quite a few retaining walls in our time, in a variety of styles. Some clients want simplistic styles, while others want sleek modern, or artistic expression. Our landscape designers help our clients make practical choices about their retaining walls, as well as help them to create a space that […]

Landscaping Flowers To Accent Your Rockery


Looking to enhance the look of your rockery will some well-placed plants? Gardeners can sometimes feel stymied by the seemingly limited space that a rockery provides them, but rockeries are able to host a variety of beautiful and unique plants. For the avid gardener and beginner alike, this list of our favorite rockery plants will […]

Exquisite Water Features: Yard Fountains and Waterfalls


Water features can add an exquisite touch to an incomplete landscape design. If you are looking for that little pick-me-up or way to make your yard look especially lovely, water features are a charming way to do so. The relaxing sound of trickling water adds a unique ambiance to complement the natural cadence of nature. […]

Landscaping Improvements Can Increase Your Home’s Value by 20%


If you want your home to sell or rent at a higher rate, remember to consider the outside of your home as well as the inside. Take a good look at your landscaping. While many people tend to focus on newer kitchen appliances, plush carpets, and trendy hardwood, go against the flow and focus on what […]

Creating Old World Charm: The English Rock Garden

The English garden is known for rambling, old world charm. Stony nooks and crannies are filled to bursting with foliage, and the requisite ramshackle grace allows plants to do as they will. English gardens make strong use of shale stone walls, gravel and stone pathways, rose arbors and pots of herbs clustered around doorways. These […]

Japanese Rockeries: The Beauty of Simplicity

The art of rockery gardens are thousands of years old in Japanese tradition. This ancient culture that so adores the beauty and symmetry found in nature has a distinctive style in their gardens. Finding peace and tranquility are cornerstones of the Buddhist religion, the foundation of Japanese society. It is with the intention of creating […]

Moss Rockeries: Creating Old World Charm

It’s the time of year that gardeners and homeowners begin to think wistfully of spring flowers. Their gardens, some still covered in snow, others simply brown patches hemmed in by rock, are slowly inspiring us all to begin preparing for spring. So, as you, an avid or newbie gardener (if you are a gardener, check […]

Low Maintenance Rockery Filler Flowers

Filler flowers that are low maintenance rockery classics tend to share very similar types of characteristics. Generally speaking, flowers and ground cover that perform the best in rockery settings require well-draining soil and tend do well in a compact growth habitat. Below are some specific, low maintenance flowers and ground cover options that will spark […]