How to Prepare Your Water Feature for Winter

waterfall at front yard., low speed shutter.

One of the most beautiful additions to any yard or garden is a water feature. Whether it’s a pond, waterfall, or fountain, the natural, luxurious look of a water feature is guaranteed to improve the atmosphere of any property. However, water features do require some more maintenance than other forms of landscaping. This is especially […]

Why Contractors Hire B&D Rockeries to do Landscaping and Hardscaping


There is a lot of variety when it comes to landscaping projects. Being well versed in every element of landscaping is a privilege not many contractors have, so more difficult tasks are often contracted out to those businesses that have more experience. So when a client asks their contractor for a special set of stone […]

Expand Your Living Space Through Hardscaping


Home improvement is something every homeowner strives for, and whether it’s removing the wall between the kitchen and living room, adding a second wing to the house, or simply opening up the space with a new coat of paint, the majority of home improvements try to expand the living space. It makes sense — spacious […]

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Property for Fall


Every season holds its own promises of change. Springs brings the anticipation of new life and growth, summer holds the excitement of vacation and adventure, and autumn promises a harvest and astounding beauty. But with the changes of the seasons and weather, comes new responsibilities when it comes to your property. Your property needs to […]

3 Common DIY Retaining Wall Mistakes


Retaining walls can be a unique and beautiful addition to your property. These hand-crafted rockeries not only help to make your property more accessible and useful, but they can also add character and a pleasing topography. Many homeowners, with the intent of saving money, decide to complete the project of building a retaining wall themselves. […]

B&D Estimator Goes the Second Mile


Customers Receive Unparalleled Service Through B&D Estimator, Neil Eneix With over 35 years in the retaining wall & landscaping industry, Neil Eneix has a strong knowledge of the landscaping business. Recently, Neil Eneix visited a potential customer who’s needed a retaining wall installed in his highly steep sloped backyard. This is a common issue with […]

Rockery Landscaping: B&D is a Resource for Contractors


B&D Rockeries has been diligently serving its community for over 30 years. Our rockery workers are experts at creating beautifully enhancing retaining walls, rockeries, and water structures. Their diligence, skill, and expertise, make them fully qualified to assist contractors with any rockery work within a landscaping project. Retaining Walls Constructing retaining walls is just one […]

5 Steps When Installing Block Retaining Walls


Block retaining walls can add an elegant, artistic look to your terrace, garden, or yard. While they give off the appearance of simplicity and strength, there are several necessary steps that go into creating this powerful look. Here is our list of 5 steps that go into building a block retaining wall. 1. Check Codes […]