Retaining Walls that Stand Their Ground

Living in the greater Seattle area comes with both perks and peeves. Our lush green environment is undoubtedly enjoyable, but the subsequent series torrential rainfalls are considered by many an unfortunate side effect of our beautiful location. Retaining walls are the landscaper’s best friend when preparing for these rainy days. If you’re looking for a […]

Landscaping Your Yard with Waterfalls and Fountains

There are many different options when it comes to landscaping your yard. Choices vary from rockeries and fountains, to trees, bushes, and more. To make it even better, some of these choices, such as rockeries, fountains, and waterfalls, greatly complement each other. There are many types of rockeries and water options that would look spectacular […]

4 Rockery And Water Feature Ideas That Will Make Your Yard Stand Out

There are some great options when it comes to decorating your yard! Choices can vary from rockeries, to fountains, trees, bushes, and more – and to make it even better, some of these choices really complement each other! A great example of this would be rockeries and fountains or waterfalls. Let’s take a look at […]

3 Reasons to Use Flagstone for Your Patio

Every man’s house is his castle. And every man wants his castle to look its best. There are many additions and renovations you can make, but one of the most pleasing changes comes from adding a flagstone patio outside. This gives your yard a sense of elegance and dignity. And it is always satisfying to […]

How To Enhance Curb Appeal With Rockeries

In today’s world of online home shopping, a home’s appearance can make quite the difference. It is more important than ever to catch your viewer’s eye right away. One way to make a good first impression is to construct a rockery in your yard. There are quite a few advantages to rockeries. Rockeries are Solid […]