Hardscaping: Hard Landscaping Services

At B&D Rockeries, we are constantly looking for more ways to help property owners create an exterior environment that they can be proud of. Over our last 35 years in the landscaping business, we have had the unique opportunity to take hundreds of properties and transform them into something splendid. Our new hardscaping services do just that.


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What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping, or hard landscaping, is a landscaping project that uses primarily ‘hard’ materials, such as concrete, stone, brick, glass, pavers, blocks, and many other materials to alter the structure or layout of a piece of property. Hardscaping projects can be an addition to a currently landscaped property, or can be performed on a ‘raw’ or unaltered area.

Hardscaping Projects in the Greater Seattle Area

In addition to the features we already design and create, there are numerous hardscape projects that we are now able to perform. Paved areas, such as driveways, walkways, or sidewalks, are a frequently requested project from families in Everett, Marysville, Kirkland, and Seattle. Not only are such projects practical, when done well they can create a unique, beautiful look for your Seattle area property.

  • Patios
  • Aggregate paths
  • Staircases built into a landscape
  • Ponds and water features

Hardscaping Process

For owners that are interested in having a hardscape project done on their property, B&D Rockeries is a reliable, competent, and skilled hardscaping service company that is able to perfectly meet your needs. Here is a summarization of the steps our business likes to take to ensure full customer satisfaction.

1. Inspection and Discussion

Before any work can begin, B&D Rockeries meets with the client at their Seattle area property to discuss the desired project and to survey the property. In doing this, our experts will be able to determine the scope of the project and if the property is fit for the addition the owner has in mind.

2. Planning

During the planning process, our designers consider a myriad of contributing factors; the owner’s requests, the drainage plan, the structure’s style, its focal point, etc. In doing this, we can be sure that the customer is pleased with their final product and that our hardscaping design will stand the test of time.

3. Materials

Once the plans have been laid out and approved by the client, our team works with the customer to select the building materials and greenery that will go into creating and completing the project. Once all the plans and materials are in order, our skilled hardscaping team can go to work.

If you have a dream project in mind for you property, our skilled team at B&D Rockeries would love to help you make that dream a reality.  For more information about our hardscaping services, feel free to give us a call at (866) 756-6789, or fill out our contact form.