Retaining Wall Services in Issaquah

Retaining Wall Services in Issaquah

Placing a retaining wall in your yard or garden can not only make it more aesthetically pleasing, but can also hold back earth or water to make your outside space more functional, and therefore more enjoyable. At B&D Rockeries, we offer a variety of services across the Issaquah area. If you need help making your garden dreams come true, contact us at 866.757.7318 or by filling out our online contact form.

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AT B&D Rockeries we pride ourselves in helping homeowners build retaining walls in their outdoor spaces no matter how complex their landscape. We have a team of experts who are experienced in using a variety of materials and techniques that make our retaining walls stand the test of time.

Rock Walls in Issaquah

Our retaining wall experts in Issaquah have experience using all types of rocks when making retaining walls. Thanks to this, they can offer both cemented walls, and the more popular, non-cemented walls.

To make each wall unique, we use rocks from local quarries, allowing us to offer you the retaining wall you want at a reasonable price. By looking locally, we are able to choose the perfect rocks according to your preference of color and rock type.  

Quarries are a limited resource, which means your retaining wall will be one of a kind. Once the rocks from each quarry are used up, it will be impossible for anyone in the world to replicate your wall. You’ll be left with a retaining wall that not only matches your vision but that is durable and unique.

Sizes Options for Retaining Walls

You can choose from a variety of rock and block sizes when designing your retaining wall. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the advantages of the various options available to you.

Half-Man and One-Man Rock Retaining Walls

Normally under four feet tall, half-man and one-man rocks are perfect if you want to build a small retaining wall. Because these walls are harder and more time-consuming to build, they can end up being more expensive. The foundation of the wall is usually built with one-man rocks followed by smaller rocks layered to the top.

Two-Man and Three-Man Rock Retaining Walls

Two-man and three-man rocks are some of the most commonly found in retaining walls. They are slightly larger and therefore easier to handle with a machine. Because of their shape and size, they’re used in a variety of retaining walls. With less manual labor needed, these walls are significantly cheaper to build.

Retaining Walls Made from Boulders

Although boulders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they’re not often used to build retaining walls, but they still remain an option.

At B&D Rockeries in Issaquah, we pride ourselves in knowing which rocks fit together. We understand that a retaining wall can fall apart within just a few years if it’s not built well. All our team members are trained to make sure your wall lasts you a lifetime!

Issaquah Retaining Wall Placement

Choosing the right placement for your retaining wall is crucial to measuring its success. Our experts are trained to consider water flow and landscape to analyze your property in order to position your wall perfectly.

The Price of a Retaining Wall in Issaquah

The price of your retaining wall will completely depend on the size, type of rock, and design you choose. At B&D Rockeries, we can walk you through the possible options and provide an estimate of how much your retaining wall will cost. If you want to learn more about our retaining wall services, call us today at 866.757.7318, or fill out the contact form available on our website. Contact us now!