Retaining Walls in Redmond WA

Installing a retaining wall in your Redmond home is a perfect way to increase its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Depending on the placement and purpose, retaining walls help you regulate waterflow and make your outdoor area more enjoyable. Retaining walls are customizable, allowing you to take advantage of otherwise unusable space and increasing your property’s value.  

Retaining Walls in Redmond WA

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Redmond Rock Walls

Our team at B&D Rockeries have vast experience installing all types of retaining wall rocks in Redmond. We can handle the frequently chosen non-cemented options, and we are familiar with cemented retaining walls as well.

We get our most beautiful and popular rocks from local quarries. Because we have ties in all the local quarries, we can find the tones and sizes necessary to match your style and color preference. B&D Rockeries offers the most reasonable and competitive prices, so contact us now for a free quote.

Quarry rocks are unique because they are a limited resource, so finding the perfect rocks to fit your home is very valuable. Once the quarry is all used up, retaining walls cannot be replicated with similar rocks.

Retaining Wall Sizes Available in Redmond

There are many different rock and block sizes available when you are designing a retaining wall. You have many options to choose from, so here are some of the qualities, advantages, and benefits of different rock and block sizes.

Half Man and One Man

If you are thinking about building a small wall, half man and one man rocks are ideal. They are usually under four feet tall, so builders will often use them for foundations, and then use smaller rocks to build the additional top layers. Installing half man and one man retaining walls can be more labor-extensive than other walls, which means projects can be a bit more expensive.

Retaining Walls in Redmond WA

Two Man and Three Man

Two man and three man rocks are commonly used for multiple types of wall. They are bigger than half man and one man rocks, so they require machinery. However, heavy machinery makes manual labor a lot easier, so they usually turn out to cost much less than other types of retaining wall.


Boulders are not the most popular type of material used for retaining walls, but you still find them occasionally. They come in all shapes and sizes, but are rarely the best choice for common landscape types.

Poorly installed retaining walls will fall apart in just a few years. However, our knowledge of how different rocks fit together allows us to provide the best quality retaining walls. At B&D Rockeries, we skillfully construct sturdy, durable retaining walls that last decades.  

Retaining Wall Placement in Redmond

The placement and position of your retaining wall depends on its purpose and will also define its success. You must consider the water flow and landscape of your property in order to build a functional retaining wall.  Our professional services will help you analyze your property, and establish the best location.

Cost of Retaining Walls in Redmond

The final price of your retaining wall will completely depend on the design of the wall, the size of your wall, and the kind of rock used. Our team of professionals will help you go over the materials and resources you will need in order to start installing your retaining wall. This will give you a good estimate on the final cost.

If you are interested in learning more about our retaining walls and other services, give us a call at 866.835.8543 or fill out our online contact form today. Contact us now!