Here at B&D Rockeries, our goal is to help our clients turn their previously unimpressive or unusable property into something that can be admired and enjoyed. By enhancing the landscape’s natural features with unique rock layouts and beautiful plants, rockeries can add elegance and simplicity to any piece of property.

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Our skilled team can help you analyze the layout and environment of your property to determine the rocks, plants, and design of your final product. Once you are satisfied with the plan, you get to sit back and relax as our experienced workers get to work to create your landscape masterpiece.

Materials Used in Our Rockeries

Because of the variety of work we can do, we often work with a variety of materials. This selection helps us to match the property’s lighting, environment, and purposes to the right materials to get the perfect look. Here is a glimpse of a few of the selection of materials we have available:


Surprisingly, there is an incredible variety of stones and rocks to choose from when preparing install a rockery, retaining wall or water feature. Some of the most common stones are basalt, sandstone, limestone, and granite. Colors, rock size, shape, and texture can all be considered when selecting stones for your rockeries. Finding the right stones for you property starts with the kind of rockery being constructed, as well as the environment and planned layout of the rockery itself.


Adding plants to your rockery displays can have a tremendous impact on the environment of your property. Even by just adding some color, plant life intermixed with your rockeries can make your displays feel more welcoming and lively. For areas with little light, some plants, like hostas or impatiens, can still thrive. Some of the most common plant life intermixed with a rockery displayed are ground covers, woolly yarrow, perennials, rock cress, and much, much more.

Retaining Walls

Depending on the layout of the rockery, you may need a full retaining wall installed. Our experienced workers meet with you to discuss possible layout and placement of the wall, the purpose the wall is meant to accomplish, and what kinds of materials are best suited to the functional needs as well as style of the wall. Once the design is complete, we begin construction.

Types of Rock Retaining Walls

The work we do at B&D Rockeries can utilizes mainly three kinds of rock.

One Man Half Man Rock

These are great for smaller walls as they can mostly be installed by hand. Although, it’s important to note that the definition of one man and half man is not what an average man can pick up — it’s what an average man can easily move with a crowbar. We bring out a much bigger crew on our half man jobs to ensure that we can get most jobs done in a day.

Two to Three Man Rock

The two to three man rock must be lifted and installed with a machine. Basically, this means we’ll have one guy on the ground, one guy in a machine, and one guy driving truck for material. This is the most common type of work we do. Our little mini machine has been specially engineered to make the installation of this type of wall extremely economical and quick. On average we can install 400-600 square feet a day. (This may be impacted by the type of/how much access we have to your yard.)


Boulders, due to their rounded edges and smoother surface, are not generally used for rock walls. While they made be interspersed within a rock wall for aesthetic appeal, they are generally best used for decorative purposes around a property.

Seattle Rockeries

Water Features

Water features are a beautiful way to increase the aesthetic beauty of your rockery. From ponds and pools to fountains and falls, these beautiful additions can not only heighten the artistry of your yard, but their structures and placement can also help to regulate water flow on your property. The wide selection of water features available mean that any look you desire can be achieved.

To give your landscape a voice, it is important to select the correct materials and design for your water feature. Following an analysis of your property and design of your rockery, we can provide assistance in choosing the best rocks and materials to fit your feature, as well as offering suggestions as to the its ideal placement.

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No matter what kind of rockery job you’re considering, B&D Rockeries has a capable team that can help make your property into something extraordinary. To learn more, give us a call, or fill out our contact form.