Rockery Landscaping: B&D is a Resource for Contractors

B&D Rockeries has been diligently serving its community for over 30 years. Our rockery workers are experts at creating beautifully enhancing retaining walls, rockeries, and water structures. Their diligence, skill, and expertise, make them fully qualified to assist contractors with any rockery work within a landscaping project.

tiered-retaining-wallRetaining Walls

Constructing retaining walls is just one aspect of the work we can do. Because retaining walls are used to make yards more useful and can heighten their aesthetic beauty, it is necessary that the structure be secure and the construction be exact. We are known to complete all of this in a matter of days with outstanding results.

We do not compromise wall integrity for the sake of speed however. Retaining walls must be built well in order for them to last a long time and to weather all kinds of conditions. Our skilled workers are familiar with the necessary step-by-step procedures when constructing beautifully built walls that will last for years to come and leave contractors with a good reputation.

We meet with clients and view their property so as to determine the ideal placement of the wall or walls, as well as choose the best style of retaining wall that will enhance their property’s natural beauty while meeting their landscaping needs. From this, we consider what type of material to use, as well as the design of the walls. Within days, clients get to see the plans become reality as our team works efficiently and consistently to produce excellent results. B&D Rockeries works with contractors who are looking to include a retaining wall in their landscaping projects.


Our capable staff here at B&D Rockeries are also skilled in the design and completion of our rockeries. If your clients are looking for something a bit fancier than a retaining wall, rockeries are another aspect of our work.

We meet with clients to decide the location of the rockery, as well as to discuss the desired effect on the surrounding landscape. Based on what the client wants and what best suits the surroundings, we can determine the appropriate rockery stones and plants necessary to fulfill these desires.

Next comes the planning and sketching of the design. In the process of taking measurements and making plans, we are aware of all state laws and regulations, so that nothing is overlooked. Once plans have been set, construction can begin, and clients get to enjoy the final results. We specialize in working with general contractors searching for a professional rockery company to complete a part of their landscaping design.

water-features-seattleWater Features

We’re also capable of designing and constructing water features that range from simple ponds to beautifully intricate fountains and waterfalls. We work with clients to determine the location and suitability of a water feature, as well as the style of the feature to best accentuate the natural qualities of the clients’ home and environment.

Our crew here at B&D Rockeries is known for our fast estimates, steady work, and quick completion with exquisite results. If you’re looking to bring in a subcontracting company to work on a rockery project, B&D Rockeries has the skills and experience necessary to provide you with a professional job well done.



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