3 Reasons to Add a Water Feature in 2016

There’s something so calming and serene about water. People who have water-view homes will tell you; it’s one of the things that they look forward to every morning! But you don’t have to live right on the waterline to enjoy the tranquility and centeredness that comes with water. Our rockery company has been helping homeowners […]

How to Deal with Landscape Flood Disasters

landscape flooding

Homeowners in the Pacific Northwest know a thing or two about winter storms. During some rain storms, as we all have experienced, flooding becomes a serious issue. The rain doesn’t stop falling for days, filling rivers and streams, weakening hillsides, eventually sending water pouring into fields and homes. A few weeks and thousands of dollars […]

Why Contractors Hire B&D Rockeries to do Landscaping and Hardscaping


There is a lot of variety when it comes to landscaping projects. Being well versed in every element of landscaping is a privilege not many contractors have, so more difficult tasks are often contracted out to those businesses that have more experience. So when a client asks their contractor for a special set of stone […]

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Property for Fall


Every season holds its own promises of change. Springs brings the anticipation of new life and growth, summer holds the excitement of vacation and adventure, and autumn promises a harvest and astounding beauty. But with the changes of the seasons and weather, comes new responsibilities when it comes to your property. Your property needs to […]

Rockery Landscaping: B&D is a Resource for Contractors


B&D Rockeries has been diligently serving its community for over 30 years. Our rockery workers are experts at creating beautifully enhancing retaining walls, rockeries, and water structures. Their diligence, skill, and expertise, make them fully qualified to assist contractors with any rockery work within a landscaping project. Retaining Walls Constructing retaining walls is just one […]

How To Enhance Curb Appeal With Rockeries

In today’s world of online home shopping, a home’s appearance can make quite the difference. It is more important than ever to catch your viewer’s eye right away. One way to make a good first impression is to construct a rockery in your yard. There are quite a few advantages to rockeries. Rockeries are Solid […]