Why a Rockery?

A rockery is also known as a rock garden or alpine garden, and it can liven up your landscaping in a unique and manageable way. Rockeries are aesthetically pleasing, can help conserve water prevent erosion, and can add an element of tranquility to your yard that regular landscaping often can’t do. Installing a rockery might be one of the most rewarding and beneficial ways to liven up your garden.

Rock gardens can be traced back to early Chinese and Japanese gardens, also known as Zen Gardens, and they have a very early history. Alpine gardens, on the other hand, have a much shorter history, and there are Seattle landscaping services that can advise you on how to create your dream garden. Homeowners in western culture often choose to build an alpine garden while borrowing some elements used in the early Zen Gardens.

Rockeries for Conservation

Many places in the US are facing droughts and drier weather than ever before. As these water sources continue to decline, it’s important for homeowners to consider conscientious practices for water conservation while gardening and practicing lawn maintenance. Oftentimes, a beautifully landscaped lawn requires a lot of water to keep up appearances. A rockery is a great way to stay mindful of water usage while keeping your garden looking beautiful.

Rockeries for Erosion Prevention

Rockeries can also help prevent erosion. It’s impossible to stop the elements entirely, but strategically placing a rockery on a hillside can help minimize the effects of soil erosion. There are Seattle rockery companies that can help you build these fantastic gardens if the initial project seems like too much of an undertaking.

Begin by choosing your hardscape elements. Incorporate stairs into the hillside, and use gravel so that the water will seep into the ground easily. Building a stone or wood terrace is better if you have a large hillside, as it will prevent water runoff.

Choose plants that are drought-resistant and require less water, such as shrubs, short grasses, and succulents. The right rockery company in Seattle can help you choose the perfect plants for the environment.

Rockeries for Meditation and Aesthetics

Historically, Japanese and Chinese rockeries are known as Zen Gardens or “dry landscape” garden. They create a miniature landscaped through carefully selection and placement of rocks, succulents, moss, pruned trees and water features. It should be inspired and created by the gardener so that they can experience ultimate personal tranquility.

The construction of such a garden is simple, and the time that would be spent continually maintaining a complex garden design can instead be spent in daily meditation and enjoyment of the environment the gardener has created. Aesthetically, the garden should create symbolism associated with an element of emptiness, setting the viewer into a state of contemplation.

Build Your Rockery with Seattle’s B&D Rockeries

A rockery is a great way to add character to your backyard landscape. By conserving water and minimizing erosion, it can help the environment while also freeing up time that a normal landscape would tie up with constant maintenance.

At B&D Rockeries, we excel at creating vibrant, beautiful rockeries that are not only useful, but also appealing. We love to collaborate with homeowners and businesses that want to build a rockery with a purpose. If you have any questions about building a rockery on your property, get in touch with our team. We’d be delighted to offer you a free quote and advice on how to keep your rockery looking great.

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