Hardscaping Guide: Landscape Walls, Stairs and Pathways


Creating a beautiful home and property can be a challenge. At each step in the process, whether you’re painting the porch or pruning the trees, you want your home to be appealing, stylish, and comfortable. At B&D Rockeries, our decades of landscaping experience has taught us that quality hardscaping can improve (or complete!) any yard. […]

The 7 Trendiest Outdoor Water Features of 2016

Outdoor water features are the perfect way to enhance the appeal of your backyard or garden. These beautiful additions add the perfect touch to your home and work as a centerpiece for your outdoor area. It’s no surprise that outdoor water features are so popular today, as they combine natural elements with sophisticated designs and layouts. […]

A Homeowners Guide to Designing Your Own Backyard Paradise

Having a beautiful, inviting, and supremely divine outdoor paradise in your backyard is like turning your home into a lovely vacation spot—one that you get to enjoy on a daily basis. Creating the perfect backyard paradise is easy when you have the right team to help you. Here are some great ideas to help you […]

Why a Rockery?

A rockery is also known as a rock garden or alpine garden, and it can liven up your landscaping in a unique and manageable way. Rockeries are aesthetically pleasing, can help conserve water prevent erosion, and can add an element of tranquility to your yard that regular landscaping often can’t do. Installing a rockery might […]

3 Reasons to Add a Water Feature in 2016

There’s something so calming and serene about water. People who have water-view homes will tell you; it’s one of the things that they look forward to every morning! But you don’t have to live right on the waterline to enjoy the tranquility and centeredness that comes with water. Our rockery company has been helping homeowners […]

How to Deal with Landscape Flood Disasters

landscape flooding

Homeowners in the Pacific Northwest know a thing or two about winter storms. During some rain storms, as we all have experienced, flooding becomes a serious issue. The rain doesn’t stop falling for days, filling rivers and streams, weakening hillsides, eventually sending water pouring into fields and homes. A few weeks and thousands of dollars […]