Whether it is installing a retaining wall, excavation, or needing your lawn mowed, Neil Eneix provides a team of landscapers that can get the job done right. Neil has specialized in rock retaining wall development and design for over 35 years, which makes him an expert in the field of landscaping. Generally, most retaining wall landscape projects come with sod installation, pathways, retaining walls, excavating, waterfalls, and more. Whatever your project needs are, B&D will help you get it done right.

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Have you considered installing a waterfall on your property? We’ve helped many of our customers engineer and build a beautiful looking waterscape as part of their landscaping project. Here are a few types of waterfalls we specialize in:

Dry Water Features – If you’re looking for a beautiful looking waterfall feature without the upkeep and costs of a wet waterfall feature, we can set up a gorgeous looking dry water feature for you.

Wet Water Features – We can also set up an entire wet waterfall solution for you. From the encasing of the waterfall to ensure it does not leak, to carefully engineering the waterflow for best results, we can set up a solution that works for you.

Stairs & Pathways

From rock to flagstone pathways and stairs, we can help you install exactly what you need to fit your needs for your landscape project.

Rock Stairs – Rock stairs are a great way to keep a natural look and generally cost less than other outdoor stair options.

Flagstone – Used for pathways and stairs, flagstone can be used to create a gorgeous look that will impress others for years.

Choosing the Right Estimate

Choosing a landscape company is not about the cheapest price. Consider how long you’ll be looking at the work that is going to be done on your front or backyard. Is the price of an amature landscaping company really worth the risk of having to stare at a botched project? When you hire B&D to come out and give you an estimate, you will get a seasoned opinion that will fuse your ideas with landscaping plans to bring you an aesthetically pleasing result.

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