Stairs & Pathways

Creating stairs and pathways in the natural landscape of your property is an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings while making different parts of your property more easily accessible. Turn a previously difficult trek into an easy trip up expertly constructed stairs or along a beautiful walkway.

Seattle Stairs & Pathways

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At B&D Rockeries, we make it our goal to use our skill and expertise to create beautiful, unique landscaping additions that property owners can be proud of.

The Process


The first step involved in designing and planning the project is to first survey your Seattle area property. Staff at B&D Rockeries will come out and inspect your property to get an idea for what you would like the final product to look like. Once we have a general idea of the layout and design of the landscaping project, we can start making plans for what supplies and equipment we will need to perform the job efficiently.


Along with determining the design comes the task of choosing the materials from which the outdoor path or stairs will be constructed. There are two kinds of rock that are typically used to create these landscaping pieces in the Seattle area.

  • Standard Rock: Rock is used to create a hardy, natural look to your walkway or staircase. Large rocks are used to create strong, solid steps for a staircase or are interlaid to create a flat section of path.
  • Flagstone: Flagstone is a common sedimentary rock used to create elegant pathways and staircases. The variety of colors and thicknesses in flagstone rock allows us to build unique and intricate additions to your landscape.


Now that plans are in place and materials have been purchased, we are ready to schedule a date and time for the project to start. Finally, our team of strong and efficient workers can begin to construct a secure foundation on which your staircase or pathway will be made. Every project is unique to the property owner’s preferences and landscaping needs.

If you think a rock staircase or pathway would add accessibility and beauty to your landscape, we would love to help you make that thought a reality. At B&D Rockeries, we have the team, equipment, and expertise to create a unique and powerful landscaped addition to your Seattle property. For more information, feel free to give us a call, or fill out our contact form.