Seattle Water Features

Installing a water feature in your backyard or garden is the perfect way to brighten up your environment. As indoor and outdoor features rise in popularity, these beautiful additions can add a special touch to your home. We offer water feature installation services throughout Snohomish County and King County, including Seattle, Everett, Mukilteo, Bothell and Mill Creek areas.

Seattle water feature

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Choosing a Water Feature

At B&D Rockeries, we are equipped to install anything from ponds and pools to fountains and falls. There are several elements of a water feature that need to be decided on before construction can take place:

Style and Design

When deciding on a style and design for your feature, the goal is to find a water feature that matches and enhances your environment. Determining the type and size of the feature, whether or not it will have multiple levels, and if it’s going to wrap around a landscape or patio on your property are all things to consider when selecting your feature.

When considering where you will install your feature, be sure to consider your environment. Is the area generally wet or dry? Is the ground stable? Will it be placed on a hill? Could a storm or flooding damage it? All these questions will help us analyze what steps will go into the installation.


When it comes to selecting materials for your Seattle water feature, you want your final water feature to enhance its environment. Our rockery experts can help you decide what materials would best enhance your feature to meet the needs of your property.

Across the board, B&D Rockeries has found real rock to be a far sturdier and beautiful choice than many of the artificial rock used today. While artificial rock may work well for smaller displays, real rock can make larger fountains and features feel more natural and powerful. We collect real rock from local quarries to give you a broad selection of beautiful materials that will match and accentuate your property.

In addition to the main water feature, there are also plant and flower accessories that can be installed near and around the feature to help heighten its natural beauty. After having decided on the perfect rock for your feature from our wide selection, we can help you decide which plants would be best suited to feature your environment and purpose.

The Cost of a Seattle Water Feature

The price for your Seattle water feature will depend on the design, size, and materials you have chosen. A luxurious or ornate water feature can cost upwards of $20,000, whereas less formal features can cost as little as $1,700. At B&D Rockeries, we keep our prices competitive and are up-front with you during the consultation about the estimated cost of your desired water feature.

Many people often discover that the water feature they’d envisioned does not quite match their budget. Our professional team at B&D Rockeries can help you select a beautiful water feature that will actually line up with your wallet. By surveying the available options regarding materials and design we can help you make sure that you are satisfied with the final product without having to pinch your wallet.

If you’re interested in a water feature, we offer consultation and installation services throughout Snohomish and King county, as well as Everett and Seattle. For more information, give us a call, or fill out our contact form.