The 7 Trendiest Outdoor Water Features of 2016

outdoor water features

Outdoor water features are the perfect way to enhance the appeal of your backyard or garden. These beautiful additions add the perfect touch to your home and work as a centerpiece for your outdoor area. It’s no surprise that outdoor water features are so popular today, as they combine natural elements with sophisticated designs and layouts.

2016 is proving to be one of the best years for outdoor water features. New, cleverly engineered designs are available to suit all garden shapes, sizes, and themes. Limited space is not a problem anymore. Low-maintenance outdoor water features allow us to show off our garden without spending hours making it perfect. Homeowners are now looking for a healthy combination of practicality and beauty, so we used that as inspiration to list the best outdoor water features of 20016.

Water Gardens

If you have plenty of space available, a water garden can be an awesome addition to your backyard or garden. Water gardens require a minimum space of 8 feet long x 6 feet wide, and are designed to showcase a variety of water plants. Contrary to popular belief, water gardens require little maintenance. Investing approximately 15 minutes per week will guarantee a pristine water garden. In addition, water gardens come in all sizes, shapes, and layouts; and can even house koi and other popular outdoor fish.

Column Fountains

Like the name indicates, a column fountain is a stone fountain in the shape of a pilar. Water usually shoots from the top of the column, creating the effect of a spouting fountain on a pedestal. Column fountains don’t require a lot of space. They can be installed in areas as small as 8 inches x 8 inches. Column fountains don’t require much maintenance either, especially if you install an automatic fill valve.

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Bubbling Rock Fountains

Bubbling rock fountains are similar to column fountains, but instead of a pillar, they feature a custom-made rock formation. They provide a beautiful asset to your backyard or garden and require an area of 3 feet x 3 feet. Bubbling rock fountains are low-maintenance as they only require you to check the water reservoir every few weeks. An automatic fill valve eliminates the need for any maintenance at all.

Retaining Wall Waterfalls

If you have a boring retaining wall, or you are planning on building a retaining wall in your backyard, consider adding a retaining wall waterfall. This intricate design adds the final touch to outdoor living areas and decks. Retaining wall waterfalls enhance your home’s outdoor visual appeal, while adding the gentle sound of flowing water to your garden.

Multiple-Level Stone Waterfalls

A stone waterfall is an amazing idea for your garden or backyard, and if you have the space, a multi-level stone waterfall is even better. Multiple-level stone waterfalls require a lot of planning and designing, and they often result in beautiful masterpieces. Their complex design combines perfectly with plants, stones, and other natural materials. This gives your backyard that inviting feeling every outdoor area should have.  

outdoor water features

Traditional Spouting Fountains

Traditional spouting fountains are timeless. Their simple design is also the most dramatic of all fountains. A pipe usually sticks out from the surface of a pond, shooting water into the air to create a striking effect. Traditional spouting fountains are perfect for homeowners who already have an outdoor water feature, but want to add a bit more flare to it.

Pondless Waterfalls

The main problem with outdoor waterfalls was always been size, because they traditionally required a pond. However, pondless waterfalls now offer a great solution for homeowners who want to have a waterfall without sacrificing a lot of space. They can be made of stone, concrete, or a combination of materials. In addition to that, pondless waterfalls can easily be combined with plants to create a picture-worthy image right in your backyard.

Styles, Designs, and Materials

Outdoor water features are usually custom jobs and are designed based on the space available and client preference. You can choose from a variety of stone materials and endless style options. These will be major factors in determining the cost of your water feature: size, design, location, and materials used.

Outdoor water features are here to stay. New technology and techniques allow custom jobs at a fraction of the cost, so you can expect water features to be an even bigger hit in the next few decades to come.

If you are thinking of adding an outdoor water feature to your backyard or garden, give us a call today. Our team of qualified specialists will be more than happy to help you design and create the perfect water feature for your home. Fill out our online contact form and contact us today!

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